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A woman flew into a rage and stabbed her boyfriend after he attempted to prevent her from packing too much clothes for their vacation, a report said.

Lesley Bradbury, of Manchester, England, plunged a knife into Gary Moore when the boyfriend began taking items out of their car, according to London’s Independent newspaper.

“He deserved it,” Bradbury told police when they arrived at the couple’s home.

The boyfriend was taken to the hospital where he was expected to recover.

Bradbury told the court that a mental health condition causes her to hoard possessions and protect them in a “pathological way.”

She was charged with unlawful wounding and given a year-long prison sentence.

Moore, however, wanted the charges dropped so he could get his girlfriend back.

“Inside the house he had thrown some of her possessions and she had stabbed him in order to stop him,” prosecutor Jonathan Turner said.

“There is no complaint from the complainant – he is hopeful for a renewal in the relationship.”

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