Watch Billie Eilish, Backstreet Boys, and more performances from Elton John’s Living Room Concert For America

 Watch Billie Eilish, Backstreet Boys, and more performances from Elton John’s Living Room Concert For America

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In these dark days, in the Great Time Of Uncertainty, humankind is being tested. Now is the time when the best and worst of humanity will emerge—worst, as in how quickly we stop showering because who fucking cares. But also the best, as in the stunning feat of virtual ingenuity known as iHeartRadio’s Living Room Concert For America, hosted by the great Sir Elton John, who is truly proving himself to be the knight in shining armor we need (or one of them, anyway. Patrick Stewart and Sam Neill are also turning in excellent work).

The at-home concert took place yesterday, March 29, but you can watch the whole darn thing online right now. And you really should because there are some absolute gems within this 12-hour (!) Living Room Concert For America (or technically maybe everyone because it is on YouTube). Billie Eilish and her brother and collaborator Finneas performed an acoustic rendition of “Bad Guy” straight from Eilish’s living room. The Backstreet Boys—yes, all five of them—delivered one of the most smile-inducing performances of the event with a clearly lip-synced but still extremely adorable version of “I Want It That Way.” The split screens, pajamas, and dancing are truly very cute.

Yesterday’s concert lineup also included Alicia Keys, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, Dave Grohl, Sam Smith, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, and Mariah Carey—who performed “Always Be My Baby” live from her home studio (of course), with backup singers joining her via livestream. Some artists—like Lizzo and Lady Gaga—weren’t able to deliver full-on performances, but they still contributed short video messages to share hope with their fans watching at home.

If you need something pleasant and positive today, maybe throw this Living Room Concert on and let it run in the background while you go about the rest of your day. It’s guaranteed to give you at least one smile.


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