Trump thanks Richard Grenell, ‘a big deal’

 Trump thanks Richard Grenell, ‘a big deal’

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Richard Grenell, the now-resigned acting intelligence chief, will always have a White House Cabinet Room seat thanks to President Trump.

In a unique sign of appreciation for all Grenell did in just a few months to tear down the wall of secrecy hiding the flaws of the Russia investigation against Trump and to implement rare transparency in the intelligence world, Trump gave the longtime U.S. diplomat his actual Cabinet Room chair.

Trump gave him the chair not just because of Grenell’s job as the intelligence czar but also because he was the highest-ever openly gay Cabinet member serving in an administration.

In an Instagram post, Grenell wrote, “Today I officially resigned from the State Department. And President Trump presented me with a going away gift – my Cabinet Chair. ‘Acting’ Cabinet Secretaries do not get chairs but President Trump wanted me to have mine because, as he said, ‘You are the First Openly Gay Cabinet Secretary and it’s a big deal.’”

The photo showed Trump talking to Grenell; an aide; Grenell’s partner, Matt Lashey; Jared Kushner; and national security adviser Robert O’Brien.

The present from Trump came as the nation began celebrating National Pride Month.

It also capped a few weeks of Grenell fiercely defending Trump in the Russia inquiry and taking on media bias.


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