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The daughter of a former Australian prime minister — who caused a scandal when video surfaced recently showing her leaving Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2010 — had actually gone there to visit her friend Prince Andrew, not the convicted pedophile, a new report claims.

Socialite Katherine Keating became friends with the prince when she met him at a party in Dubai in early 2010, and was slowly welcomed into Epstein’s circle when she later moved to the Big Apple later that year, the Sydney Morning Herald report alleges.

Keating, now 37, became embroiled in the Epstein controversy last month when embarrassing footage emerged of her leaving Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion — smiling and waving goodbye to Prince Andrew, who is alleged to be one of Epstein’s most high-profile clients.

Speculation ran rampant that she was somehow connected to the creepy financier.

But one unnamed guest at the Dubai party has come forward to distance Keating, at least somewhat, from the convicted pedophile — telling the Herald that she was only ever pals with the prince.

Keating — the daughter of former Australian prime minister Paul Keating — left Sydney for the Big Apple in 2010 to be closer to her then-boyfriend, millionaire hotelier Andrew Balazs — among the names included in Epstein’s infamous address book, according to the Herald.

Then aged in her mid-20s, Keating was reportedly drawn into Epstein’s personal orbit and became friends with his ex-gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell — who took the young Australian under her wing and invited her to cocktail parties, the report claims.

The video has intensified the focus on the prince’s ties to the registered sex offender — one of Epstein’s “sex slaves” Virigina Roberts Guiffre this week claiming she had sex with Prince Andrew in 2001 when she was 17.

Buckingham Palace has emphatically denied the allegations, calling them “false” and “without foundation.”

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