Melania Trump impersonated by sick scammers in apparent attempt to defraud victims

MELANIA TRUMP’s name was used in what appears to be an attempt to defraud people. Main Source link

End of the world: How Nostradamus ‘confession’ for final Armageddon was discovered 

NOSTRADAMUS made a “confession” over the end of the world, according to the interpretations of an author and historian made during a documentary in...

UFO sighting: NASA Mars rover spots ‘ancient black alien orb’ floating over Red Planet

UFO evidence has resurfaced in an archived NASA Mars Curiosity Rover photo, an alien life conspiracy theorist has outlandishly announced. Main Source link

MH370 shock theory: Avionics chip malware ‘showed phantom cockpit controls’

MH370 disappeared without a trace five years ago and there are numerous theories as to what happened – one shock theory is that the...

Bible revelation: Richard Dawkins reveals Charles Darwin theory for Noah’s Ark

RICHARD DAWKINS has revealed in his new book how Charles Darwin inspired his theory on Noah’s Ark. Main Source link

MH370 revelation: How plane's co-pilot was 'known to break aviation rules'

MH370 co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid was known to “break aviation rules”, it has emerged. Main Source link

MH370 shock claim: Pilot ‘parachuted out of plane to meet lover waiting in boat’

THE MH370 mystery sparked numerous outrageous theories – one being that the pilot parachuted out of the plane to meet his lover, who was...

UFO sighting: ET hunter spots 'alien city' in NASA photo of Earth’s moon 

AN “ALIEN CITY” has been discovered in an archived NASA photo of the Moon's poles, a UFO hunter has controversially claimed. Main Source link

Asteroid shock claim: 'God of Chaos' Apophis will strike Earth, conspiracy theorist says

A CONSPIRACY theorist has claimed the so-called 'God of Chaos' Apophis asteroid will hit Earth and said where he thinks it will land. Main Source...

End of the world: How lost Isaac Newton letter revealed shocking doomsday prediction date

SIR ISAAC NEWTON predicted when the would end more than three centuries ago, resurfaced lost papers have revealed - and they don't leave humanity...