Authorities suspect American man in Seminyak may have been dead for days before discovery

A 50-year-old American man was found dead at an accommodation in Seminyak yesterday afternoon, with authorities reportedly suspecting that the deceased may have been dead for days before his body was discovered. 

The Search and Rescue Agency in Bali (Basarnas Bali) said in a statement issued yesterday that the body of the deceased, identified as Darrell, was stiff when found, and that his skin was turning black. Authorities suspect that he died three days ago. 

Basarnas said they received a report from the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) in Badung about the foreigner at 3:45pm yesterday, and proceeded to dispatch six rescue personnel to the scene. 

“We needed a lot of personnel, and we were forced to pry open the window to evacuate him from the room,” Gede Darmada, who heads the Basarnas office in Denpasar, was quoted as saying. 

The deceased was then taken to Sanglah General Hospital and police are reportedly launching an investigation into the case.

There have been a number of similar cases in the past two weeks across Bali, involving foreigners who were found dead either in their hotel rooms or places of residence. 

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Also yesterday, a 58-year-old Australian man was found dead in his residence in North Denpasar, with authorities suspecting that he may have been poisoned after consuming an expired alcoholic beverage. 

Authorities have been evacuating the deceased with COVID-19 protocols as a precaution in these cases, and the same was observed yesterday as the evacuation team from Basarnas Bali wore protective suits during the process. 

In March, the death of a male foreigner on a sidewalk in Denpasar stirred local residents after a team of medical staff evacuated his body with protective suits. The Denpasar Police initially said his death had nothing to do with COVID-19 and suspected alcohol poisoning instead, but it was later confirmed that the same man had tested positive for the coronavirus.

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